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The modern photograph was taken by Aubrey Bullard, around 2001, of the Plant Field grandstands, before it was torn town in 2002. I believe the grandstands were originally built in the 1920s, when the State Fair grounds were located on the site.

Some of you long-time Tampa Bay residents may recognize Aubrey as a former radio D.J. from such stations as W.D.A.E and W.D.C.F, as well as W.S.B TV. You can learn more about Aubrey on the Where Are They Now website.

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Historic photograph unknown

Modern photograph by Aubrey Bullard


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  1. Pat McCants Shear says:

    Tampa schools had May Festivals here. They were much fun. Would like to see some pictures from some posted.

  2. Roger Connell says:

    I worked with him at WDAE. Does anyone know if he is still around. I know that is a rather crude way to express it, but it would be great to contact him again.

  3. Aubrey Bullard says:

    Yes Roger I’m still around.
    Email: [email protected]

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