The Tampa Changing project is meant to be a city-wide collaborative effort. I therefore encourage you to research historic photographs taken in the Tampa Bay area, whether taken by the Burgert Brothers or taken by another photographer. Then, submit your own re-photograph, along with the original historic photograph, for possible inclusion in the Tampa Changing website. Of course, you will receive credit on the Tampa Changing site for the photographs you submit.


The majority of the historical photographs I used were taken by the Burgert Brothers and can be obtained from the Hillsborough County Public Library. I then spent countless hours wandering neighborhoods by foot, bike, and car, as well as using websites such as Google, Bing, and the Property Appraisers to determine if the historical building still exists.

Even if you are not a photographer, you can still contribute to the Tampa Changing project by researching the locations of the historic photographs for me, or others to re-photograph.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions

Thank you,

Bryan Weinstein