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The following series of re-photographs were taken by local photographer and videographer Dave Morrison, of Morrison Photographics. The historic photographs in Dave’s series are frames from the 1960’s TV show, Route 66.

Route 66, which originally aired from 1960 – 1964, debuted three years after Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road was published. The show follows two young men as they drive their Corvette around North America. Each episode was filmed on location in a different city.

Episode 88, Peace, Pity, Pardon, was filmed in Tampa and aired in April 1963.

The scene of Alejandro Rey exiting a Tampa cab was shot in an area of Tampa known as Davis Island. Rey’s character was coming to meet Tod and Linc at the Davis Island Yacht Club to convince them to help him bring a relative into the US from Cuba.

Many of the houses in this area are still standing but many have been replaced with much larger structures (middle background).

The old hotel on the right side of the frame is now an assisted living facility. I’m standing inside the hallway in the same spot where the film crew was positioned when they shot this scene.

If you’re interested in watching this episode, the season 3 box set has two episodes shot in Tampa.

You can see more of Dave’s Route 66 photos on the Ohio 66 website. Dave also has a wonderful website called Heritage Film where he assists families in documenting their loved one’s personal stories.

Photo Credits

Historic photograph CBS & Roxbury Entertainment

Modern photograph by Dave Morrison


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