Franklin Street – Aubrey Bullard ,

1950 2010

1950 2010


Unlike all of the other re-photographs on this site, where the historic photograph was taken by one photographer and the modern photograph was taken by another photographer, Aubrey Bullard took both the modern and historic photographs!

Some of you long-time Tampa Bay residents may recognize Aubrey as a former radio D.J. from such stations as W.D.A.E and W.D.C.F, as well as W.S.B TV. You can learn more about Aubrey on the Where Are They Now website.

Photo Credits

Historic photograph Aubrey Bullard

Modern photograph by Aubrey Bullard


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  1. Dan Perez says:

    Wow, this is indeed unique! Notice here in the old photo that Grants has moved into the JJ Newberry building, just before the Kress building.

  2. Bryan says:

    What I really like about Aubrey’s historic photo is that we get to see Tampa from the eyes of someone besides the Bugert Brothers or Robertson & Fresh.

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